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Nick Jamal
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Hi Mike!
Yes, I am at Western (have been forever, it seems...) - I drive a 300E. About the speed ratings, here's a link to tirerack's page with some
Regarding your new tires, I'm glad you're happy with them - they will certainly last a lot longer than many of the other choices out there! I'm pretty certain that tire is not offered in an 'H' speed rating, though - only 'T'. One thing to note about speed ratings is that they are not intended to be a 'speed limit' for your tires (you will generally see H-rated for 210km/h, Z for 240km/h, T for 190km/h, etc.) but an indication of the tire's overall performance characteristic - i.e., you don't need to hit 240km/h to feel the performance benefit of a Z-rated tire. That's why I mentioned the S rating on the snows at Can Tire - it's unusual (and better) than almost any other multicell (ice-gripping) tire, like the Blizzaks, which are only Q-rated (160km/h).
As for the oil change, I do all of mine myself too - it's a nice bonding session with the car! You may not even need ramps if you can get under the front of the car - I used to be able to before I installed sport springs - now I drive up on a couple of plywood boards, just about 3" worth.

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