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ARRGH!! Please tell me I didn't do it....

So yestrday I decided to do the timing chain on my 560 SEL. Also the rails.

I removed all rockers, placed them each into an individually labeled ziplock bag.

Of course the plugs where removed.

So I rolled in the new chain (bought here at FastLane). I vice-gripped the incoming and outgoing chain on the passenger side cam sprocket. The connecting link came out perfect (i.e. correct chain length) - I checked all three timing marks (two cams and crankshaft), all seemed accurate. Then I replaced the tensioner, checked all thre marks again, and the most I could detect was perhaps a 1-2 degree difference on the crank marker (i.e. not exactly zero, but a hairline off). Checked the cams were both right on the dot. There never was any jumping of the chain (how could it - no compressension and no valve spring tension).

Yet when I started the car, which it did right away, it idled roughly. Drives great, by the way, but the idle is rough.

Should I look at all the vacuum lines again, or did I screw up?
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