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thanks so much guys, I understand now what the links are. I've seen them before but never knew the names of everything. It's good to get to know everything. I'm going to jack the car up tonight, I have my jack and stands. I'm also gonna bring my digital camera down incase I see anything bent, dented, twisted...any of that.

Should I clean the parts off and everything with just water? It's hard to see dents and twists when they're completely covered with brake dust and dirt

Thanks for "linking" (no pun intended) me to those pictures, seeing them helps a lot. Stay posted for some pictures and some results.

What sucks is after the accident, like 5-6 metal pieces broke off the car onto the street. Some a-hole came and threw them on my trunk (scratching it, the guy responsible for the accident), but I was so mad at the time that i threw them back off the trunk onto the ground and never put them in to the car. They were most likely from my rear bumper, they weren't huge, but could have helped check to see if they were properly replaced. Oh well

Thanks tons guys!!
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