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Originally posted by 420 benz
Thanks guys. Mark How does one do a[ leak down test].
If You Have Never done a Leakdown Test..I Would Have a GOOD MB Shop perform it

With a WARM Engine
You Will Need a Air compressor
The Leakdown Testor...
Remove all Spark plugs
Rotate each Cylinder to TDC and Screw The Hose to the testor into the spark plug thread and Hook up Supplied air (Air Compressor) and The Difference between the Supplied air and Your Reading on the Leakdown Testor is the Difference in Percentage. of Leakage .then Listen For any leaks...Listen at the rear muffler for Exhaust valve Worn/listen at the Intake for a Intake Valve worn/With the Oil cap off Listen for Defective Rings...
Chances are You Will NOT have a Problem...With The Readings You posted...They are In The Ball Park
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