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Red face W126 Timing chain help

I need help from all the timing chain experts, I think chain skip a tooth. My car is 1987 420sel with 140,000 miles on it and I was doing timing chain rail replacement which went fine. After the chain rails the stretch was 9 degrees, so I decided to roll a new chain. When I was rolling the chain, my vise grip sliped which was holding the chain to cam gear. It did not look like that chain slipped so I proceeded to roll the rest of chain. Once all the chain is rolled, it looks like it is short a link or 2 because I can not put the connecting link together.
My asumption, may be I skip a tooth when vise grip slipped but why is chain short, no idea. If I did skip a tooth, how should I adjust the chain back to specs, should I align the timing marks on both cam gears and crank pully and then try to move chain or what, I am lost. Can use all the help in the world.

Sorry for long post.
Thanks in advance
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