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I plan to do the whole shebang on the 300D this fall when I have (hopefully) more money. I did a torque link and a thrust link on the passenger side, but need to do diff mounts, subframe mounts, and the rest of the links look iffy, too. Probably going to pull the springs and do the bushings in the spring link, too.

You must use a jack to lift the suspension to near normal height to tighten the links. The steel sleeve is held tight by the bolt and does not rotate, so if you tighten with the suspension haning, the rubber will be overstressed and fail rapidly. Don't know how fast, but this is such a PITA I'm not taking any chances.

No way you are ever going to tighten the bolts with the wheels on, let alone sitting on the ground -- it's almost impossible to get to the inner ends with the wheel off! One of th reasons I'm going to pull the subframe -- I can do final tightening in place, but I will be able to use power tools rather than unscrewing a nut one flat at a time for 1/4" of fine thread!

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