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Originally posted by UK 2.3-16v
Up to 86 had >> straight LSD
Post 86 had >> ASD with LSD

From 88 was 2.5 - reinforced block, in-house cylinder head, different internals, duplex timing chain, different injection widgets,

Ride height adjustable suspension was optional (as per the standard Evo models.)

Just lots of little tweaks really.

Mate of mine has a 2.5-16v and whilst its undeniably nice, its no faster than the 2.3-16v (not on the road anyway) and it lost a lot of the 2.3-16v rawness of character
Am I wasting my time dreaming of owning a 2.5-16 EVO l or EVO ll. It's the "rawness of character" of my 2.3 16v that excites me, and I thought a 2.5 EVO would give me an even greater fix. Please, tell me it's so!
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