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What is a fair price on a 86-88 560SEL sedan ??

I have seen several 56OSEL's on E-Bay recently, selling at what seems to be very low prices. None in my area of course. The 56OSEL's around here- are $5000-8000- even with over 100K miles. I have seen 89 56OSEL's with no reserve sell as cheap as $3000 on E-Bay. What should be the most I should pay for a local 86-88 56OSEL? I do not want to pay over $5Ks for one locally, when they are all over E-Bay @ low prices. Seems like the 86-newer 56O's sell for less than the older 3OOSD's, with similar mileage. I guess more people want diesels. I found a local 86 56OSEL in EC for $6995. that I was considering, but after browsing E-Bay and seeing other 86-88s for as low as $3K in VGC- it seems crazy to pay that much for this car. If I do not find one of these locally @ a fair price, I will probably just search for a 81-85 3OOSD @ a good price. Seems to be more of those locally than the 56O's. I now wish I had of bought the local gray 1984 3OOSD in average to good condition for $15OO. They finally sold it and I see the new owner driving it all of the time. The lady that I now see driving it used to have another 3OOSD, about the same year, but it had its fair share of scrapes. Thanks for any information.


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