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My newest Mod--->One -Touch rolldown and rollup windows in my 300E

Hello Board,

Today I was bored and came upon an idea...What if I could get my car to have one touch roll up an down windows. Well, I took the window switch apart and started investigating. I opened the window switch with a small pocket knife, I saw that there were 2 small BB's that I guess aided in the up/down movement. I removed the 2 BB's and attached the switch cover back on. I plugged the switch in and with my fingers crossed I pressed the window switch up....It Worked!!!, I pressed it down...It worked!!! All I had to do was remove the 2 BB's out of the window switch and wham! one touch roll up and down windows are in my 300E. Now I don't have to hold the switch up or down anymore, all it takes is one press. I did this to all four window switches on my console. I do not know if the window switches are the same kind in all older MB's, but these are the steps I did in my 1987 300E.

Anyone care to do it to their cars???
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