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bad news, i took the m62 out, pulled the clutch apart, inspected it to find out that the outer clutch disk is warped, so im guessing that the clutch is sliping. So i sanded it down a little, took the two smaller shims out, left the bigger one in, put it back together, slaped it back on, and same thing. Soo, that sux. But the good news is that my buddy knows a fella that is making me a smaller direct drive pully. Im having it made in a week or so and expect 12-15psi out of it, instead of this lousy 6-7psi this warped clutch is giving me and the 9psi it was giving me when it actually worked. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

oh yea, FYI, by taking the shims out it did close the gap up.
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