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Replacing injector seals

Tools needed:
2 13mm open end wrenches.
5mm allen Hex
10 mm open end wrench

- Remove air filter
-Loosen gas cap(to remove pressure)
-look closely at injector holders. there is the 5mm allen hex hole.
if you have a 5mm hex ratchet. that is a lot better, you need a lot of pressure to loosen the hex.
-After that loosen the bolt on the fuel distrubutor that corresponds with the injector(those thin metal fuel lines, the are 10mm)
-after removed, put the 13mm wrench on one end of the injector connector, and the other wrench on the metal fuel line connector. Hold one and turn the other, in order to loosen that injector.
-replace injectors, and the injector seals. A shortcut to remove the seals is to slice them off with a razor blade or knife. and slide the injector seals onto the injector.
-reverse the steps to reinstall the injectors and fuel lines
Takes 1-2 hours(for a first timer)

any more questions, or if the directions seem too fuzzy,Please PM me!! I will gladly respond ASAP.
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