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I'm in So. Cal., and I bought it at Mooneyes in Santa Fe Springs, 1-800-547-5422, They'll ship the product. There are also 4 suppliers out your way; Cartek, Inc. in Garwood, NJ, DY Trading in Maywood, NJ, Mack Boring and Parts Co. in Union, NJ and Enders Racing Engines in Phoenix, NY. The first 3 will ship. Here's the url for the suppliers page at Evans website that includes phone #'s:

BTW, when reading their tech info, don't confuse NPG with NPG+. The former is their original product that has a much higher viscosity that required a different water pump and larger diameter hoses and radiator to accommodate it. It was intended primarily for racing applications. NPG+ is pretty much a direct replacement for standard coolant and requires no changes other than flushing out the system and getting all of the old coolant/water mix out.

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