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Quick easy question for 190E 2.3 owners

This should be an easy one for somebody. Can someone take a look at their 2.3 and tell me where the vacuum line goes from the Vacuum Thermoswitch in the head for the charcoal canister. One hose would obviously go to the Charcoal canister. Where is the hose out the other port in the switch getting it's vacuum from? Thanks.

If anybody is curious why I need to know. I have a 1985 230TE that was having issues getting full timing advance. Well after studying the hoses I realized that when this car was brought into the U.S. nearly 20 years ago they just T'd right into the vacuum line for the vacuum advance. So if you can picture it the charcoal canister is T'd into the vacuum line for the distributor advance. This is affecting the vacuum advance. The charcoal canister should actually go to a thermoswitch in the head and then on to a vacuum port somewhere. It is the somewhere I need to know.

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