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I have owned an '87 190E for just over a year, with 123K miles on, an auction purchase.

Great car except..the car's been lowered too much at the front, so even small speed humps knock the sump (I've had to repair it's small front corner crack over a dozen times now else it leaks sump oil!).

Back end appears standard ride height. I think standard 190E's sit too high, esp. at the front - I prefer the lowered look, but mine as is is frankly silly (it slopes down too, and needs lower 185/55 X 15 profile tyres to clear the front arches!).

I have seen lowering kits available giving -40mm height from standard. Would these springs (it's only the springs I need, as the Merc struts seem OK) give me acceptable ride height, and would they allow fitment of the standard (185/65 X 15) tyres without tyre scrub on the arches?

If so, does anyone have recommendations for particular makes of lowering springs - I'm in the UK?

Thanks for any info!
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