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I found part of the culprit, but not the solution! I think I have what is called a 'hot short' ... ?

My right rear window has not worked for some time. Today I noticed the illumination for that switch, in the center console, was about 3 times brighter than all the others. Pull out the switch and illumination for the center console now works as expected -- with the headlamp switch. Put it back and problem returns. Swap with known good switch (the left rear one) and problem returns, so it is not the switch. I have left the switch out for now so as to not overcook a circuit somewhere. By the way, all the wiring in the center console looks fine -- no noticeable wear or funky splices or vampires.

I know I may be dreaming to ask for a diagnosis on this via a forum, but any suggestions on where is the next best place to look? I am trying to shorten my t-shoot before I tear into things.

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