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A comment or footnote regarding the BB's in the window switches.

I have taken apart more switches than I would like to admit over the years and have found that all switches with the "BB's" also have springs inside the rocking portion of the switch. The springs push down on the BB's to have the switch contacts return to center.

I.E., you let go of the switch and it returns to middle or off position.


1)cleaning these switches in not very hard and should be done every 100k or so. Just be sure to take them apart on a towel or something so the little parts including the BB's don't roll away. (Don't ask me)

2) these switches are incredible to me. They show how incredibly imaginative Mercedes can be. Simple, reliable, probably never wear out. Amazing!

BUT .... they also show how that "additional thought" could also have been employed. These switches almost always fail due to spilled fluids and/or dirt falling into them.

If Mercedes had created the rocker portion whose edges were larger than the switch body itself, nothing would have even fallen inside.

Sorry, just had to share that.

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