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the brakes!

How could that dealer in laguna say,your too agressive, if that was the case,you would be going through the fronts way before rears. you would see that tration light coming on all the time if you were trying to light up the rerar tyres. If anything. you tell them you want a goodwill set of rear brakes pad,our dealers can do that a 1 time only. You ask for them to keep the pads. Have them inspected, I see uneven wear on our rear padsl all the time . As for the newer cars nlot as much.The inboard pad could have say 9mm pad thickness including the backing plate while the outside pad has like 11-12mm of pad thickness remaining. just today I was checking my brake on my 500E @ home. The right rears inside pad almost touhcing brake pad sensor,the outside pad was more than half the thickness. I think due to alot of uneven wear you see today. I think we should still have 4 sensors for each wheel like our old chasis, it was more accurate. But that just my preference. i'm sure if the SBC was malfunctioning, it should raise some kinda flag on the cluster,or the tech that is doing the service,should do a short test to determine the condition. Thats what I have to say
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