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Hi everyone,

First, thanks to all that provide this BB - it is a great board and is of much value to many.

I've recently acquired an '82 240D with about 60000 miles on it. The car hasn't been driven much but it does have a problem that concerns me. It is burning/leaking about 1qt per 400 miles and I can't figure out whether it is leaking it or burning it. There is an oil leak evident by a small oil stain on the ground when the car is parked. I haven't had the chance to get under the car for a close look to see where it is coming from. Also, the disturbing part, I removed the oil filler cap while the engine was running the other day and was shocked when the engine compartment was immediately decorated with fresh oil from the spray. I looked in the air cleaner and it is a bit oily around the inside base. I haven't had the chance to do a compression check, but the car starts just fine until it gets down below freezing and then it still isn't that bad.

Here's the question. Is this normal or is this engine starting to get tired for some reason? It seems to me that the crankcase blow by was more than other gas engines that I've had in the past, but I really don't know for sure. And if the blow by is excessive, is there any way to tell if it is worn rings or a top end problem? I don't want to overhaul if I don't have to, but if it is a top end problem, that doesn't scare me too badly. Thanks, Jim
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