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Alright guys, unfortunately I got really busy with work these past 2 days and didn't get to jack the car up yet. But I noticed that the pulling is starting to lessen...

it isn't by much at all, but it's not as bad as when I first got the car back. I'm starting to think its the new links and bushings on the rear left side.

The rear right has the 11 year old links and bushings (as far as I know), is this enough to make this car pull? Not to mention a lot of that impact was on the rear right side. A lot of you guys are suggesting to replace the rear right links, and I think I might want to. Considering the rear left side has completely new links and bushings, it almost seems right to do the right side also. Partially in hope that it will alleviate this pulling...and because if I'm going to eventually need it done i'd rather do it now and have them wear evenly.

If you guys had your rear left side links replaced, would you go ahead and do the right also? Regardless if there was a pull or not...

Looking up the links, I get:

1. Thrust arm --------> Thrust arm ----------> $37.00
2. Tie rod -----------> Control arm strut ---> $50.26
3. Torque strut ------> Control Arm Stay ----> $24.50
4. Camber strut ------> Camber strut --------> $50.80
5. Spring Link -------> Lower Control Arm -------> $8.39
Grand Total: $170.95

but for some items like the thrust arm it says:
Lower front position. On models prior to listed chassis cut-offs or when replacing earlier version (1) 210 350 45 06 control arm repair kit and (1) 210 352 00 43 sleeve are required per side.

is it suggesting i need the repair kit and new sleeve for it? What about bushings too?

Let me know what you guys think, if this is a good idea, or if i'm getting desperate and tired...

and to be honest with you peter, i'm really not sure how the rear end feels, if it feels loose or tight. I'm really not sure how both are supposed to feel, I guess when I take it out tomorrow i'll take it around some bends and see if i can feel the car shift?
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