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This is a VERY young engine at 60,000 miles. However, do you have any idea how it was driven and maintained. I believe that the only way that an engine of this mileage could be shot, is if that mileage was one five miles at a time without timely oil changes.

I really expect that if you start flushing the engine, you will revive this oil sucker into a gem.

Start by determining if the leak is very serious. I doubt that it is from your description, but you should locate it and fix it. I'm at a loss to help with any suggestions, because in my well over half million milese of 240D's, I can't ever remember an oil leak except when the rear main finally started leaking like a sieve at 380,000 miles.

Get this darlin' at operating temperature, which is about 17 miles of driving, maybe more in the winter, then pull the drain plug and oil filter and let it drain overnight. Replace the filter and drain plug, and fill it with oil from the truck stop. Chevron Delo 400 multigrade, Shell Rotella T, or the like. The oil designed for specifically for diesel engines (the universal grade they call it) has more detergents and soot dispersants which will do a better job cleaning up this sludgy engine. Repeat this procedure often until this engine is "degunked".

If you want to give this process a jump start, get some engine flush from the auto supply and follow the directions.

I expect that by doing the flush, followed by some frequent, hot, overnight oil changes with the right oil, you can turn this low mileage car into a gem.

Best of luck and keep us posted,

Larry Bible
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