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Throttle position switch and the way transmission shifts

Main question: If the TPS is not working properly, would that cause the car to accelerate slow and tranny shifts hard?

At low speed the car is slow and once I get it above 60 Miles/hr it has plenty of power. I did the following tests:

1. The on/off ratio is at a fixed 50% when engine is started and then will fluctuates around 50% after warm up (O2 sensor is working properly)
2. EHA current fluctuates around 0 mA like it should (-0.40 to +0.34 mA ).
3. Idles good except for a slight miss that I can't still figure out where it's coming from. I have changed the ignition wires 2 days ago as #3 ignition wire had an infinite resistance. The engine miss was reduced, but it is still there.
3. The cylinderhead was rebuilt about 800 miles ago.
4. I get no more than 300 miles on one tank. Yesterday I refilled after about 260 miles.
4. Spark plugs, cap, and rotor are all new and look normal after the 800 miles.
5. The OVP relay is new.
6. I adjusted/lubricated the throttle linkages.
7. Injectors were replaced about 50K miles ago and no difference is driving power.
8. I checked the ignition coil for resistance and it is within the MB manual specification.
9. The idle valve was cleaned (was fairly clean) and WD-40ed.
10. I don't have a check engine light (I can't see one in the car).
1993 190E 2.6
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