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The 85 SD was "killed" last night, victim of a chain-reaction 3-car pileup. It was car #3.

Nobody was physically damaged.

It had been raining. A dog ran across the road, car #1 hit the brakes, truck #2 really hit the brakes and I STOMPED the brakes

The ABS, 3-point belt and sheet metal crumple zones all worked as they were supposed to.

The SD didn't give up without a fight; it bent the bumper of #2, a pickup truck, completely under the bed. The impact also rearranged all the stuff in the truck's bed.

The grille (with its 250,000km badge) was pushed back to the radiator, the hood was pushed up almost to the point of obscuring my forward vision (like the race car guys when they hit the wall) and of course the headlights were history. I had just stopped to buy replacements; guess I'll go back for a refund.

Besides the sheet metal, the oil cooler was damaged. I guess it was "draining hot"

It was last seen heading north just behind a tow truck.

I haven't heard from the insurance company yet, but given the amount of damage and its book value, I'm guessing they'll declare it to be a "total."

What would you all do, fix it or bury it?

BCingU, Jim

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