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I'm very sorry to hear this, but I'm very GLAD that you're okay. I hope you realize that this ol' darlin' probably just saved your life. What if you had been in an econobox of some sort? Afre you sore this morning?

Let's wait to get some more financials from the insurance people before beginning this evaluation. I expect that your guess of it being totalled is pretty much on the money.

If it's a total, make the insurance company find you a NICE SD to replace it. They are around, and some are low mileage and very well cared for. People who buy these cars new, typically have the wherewithall to maintain them properly. Don't take anything less than a perfect specimen. Then hope that it never has to sacrifice it's own life to save yours, like your late ol' darlin' just did.

Best of luck and glad you're okay,

Larry Bible
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