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Okay after re-looking over my rear left suspension pieces, here is what i'm noticing:

LT Thrust arm $48
LT Control Arm $72
LT Tie rod assy $69
LT Camber kit hardware kit $5
LT Lower cover $8.25
LT Control Arm bushing kit $9.75
LT Lateral rod hardware kit $7
LT Thrust arm hardware kit $15
LT Lateral rod $35.50
LT Link to control arm $11
LT Torsion bar bracket $3.90

So I see the thrust arm was replaced, the tie rod was replaced, is the "LT Control Arm $72" the Torque Strut? For $72 it couldn't be what MB calls the "Control Arm" for $240 can it? If it's not the Torque Strut, does it look to you guys like its not on this list? Also, I don't see camber strut anywhere on the insurance looks like they only got new bolts or something for it.

I have no work to do tomorrow, it sounds like a good time to jack the rear end up. But I want to make sure I do this right. I've never lifted to whole rear end up at once, I've only done left side or right side just to remove wheels. I understand where I'm supposed to place the jack stands once the car has been raised. But as for where I put the floor jack this the proper place:

i merely held the camera under my car to get that picture. let me know guys, thanks!
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