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DOn;t bury it if you get another keep it for parts. When I went to the dealer in nebraska i meet a man that had a recked 600sl in his back yard wich a 18 wheeler had hit him and he walked away. He keep it to remind him why he has a Mercedes-Benz. It is sad to hear it will never be the same when mine was recked last year i had it fixed and other people can't tell but i look at it and see every single thing wrond and it drives me nuts.

Dan Younes
1985 euro 500sel 230k
1981 300sd 285k sold
1979 240d 298k sold
1983 300sd 272k sold
1989 chrysler 2.2l Turbo
Leabaron 147k
1989 Dodge Carvan Se 301k
2001 Mitsubishi Mirage 1k
2002 Honda Accord 2D LX
Special Edition
1997 S500
(hopefully someday)
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