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Question 1989 260E alarm help

Hello all, Yes this is my first MB. I did a search about this and did not find what I needed.
Here is the problem, today I moved car and locked it with my key which armed the system alarm. Later on my wife open the doors with her keyless entry. Now the alarm goes off and will not stop. I'm not sure what she may have done other then use the remote then the key to disarm it. Super husband comes out and asks what's going on and she tells me the "whole" story. I try it too and nothing happens other than the alarm will not turn off. I get in and start it and it shuts off. Great I'm thinking but as soon as I open the door it goes off once again. Keyless entry is a no go the door lock & unlock with the key is also not working. I then open the hood and pull the fuze for the central locking system, it stops.
Now I try the system again to make sure it works after I reinstall the fuze and now the horn does not work, but the lights still falsh on and off. HELP

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