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Thomaspin - that is an incredible collection of DIY procedures you have amassed -- a definite public service. I will be using them as a resource for future projects. Thanks for the help.

Steve -- I am confused now. What bracket do you refer to -- as far as holding a pair of injectors -- the one with the hex bolt?

What I had planned to do was remove and replace one injector at a time: remove fuel line from injector and distributor; remove injector, replace seal, replace injector, reattach fuel line to injector and distributor, proceed to next injector.

In my aborted attempt last Friday, injector #1 (at the front of the engine) could be lifted halfway out with the seal attached. I assume that is normal, and only after the injector & seal are out will I have to cut the seal away, and attach the new seal and reseat it?

I can be pretty clumsy with a knife or razor blade on small objects (and really don't enjoy cutting myself) so I'll probably use a small pair of nippers to cut the old seal away, with minimal risk to the injector.

I will most likely do this job mid-week, so if I mess something up I can get to my mechanic's with no weekend delay. But so far it seems straightforward.
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