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Ride height question / New shocks on a 1991 190E 2.6 (154k miles)

-- car runs great
-- it looks even better
-- I bought it 2 years ago for $5,500 (had 110k miles)

At issue:
-- needs ball joints, might as well do tie rods
-- MB Independant Tech says that worn shocks are the reason for the outside feathering on my tires.

1. I like the "lowered" look that I have. It isn't lowered, it is actually just "sagging", because the shocks are dead.
2. I did a search and heard nothing but bad experiences where shocks were replaced and the ride height increased 1.5 to 2" (yes, actually just back to "new" ride height).
3. What can I do to replace the shocks but not to raise the ride height?
4. I don't want to get into replacing the shocks with lowering shocks.
5. I don't know what bump spring pads I have, but I could go to the thinnest pad, but would have minimal effect if shocks raised it 2".

Suggestions or observations?

Thanks everyone.
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