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have same car, no problem

I have the same car and do my own changes... here is the scoop:

Mine has a belly pan ( 1 of the 2 it is supposed to have). 4 bolts take if off.

There is a usual drain plug on the side of the oil pan, it is very long compared to US cars. The pan holds 8 quarts so have enough room in your catch pan.

The oil filter is near the firewall and you access from the top. Two nuts come off and the lid comes off. When you do this additional oil will drain into the pan... so don't move your pan yet. A trick is to have a plastic grocery type bag around, and as you pull the oil filter out, put it into the bag and prevent drips. Change the o-rings that come with the filter.

Fill it up (8 quarts) and re-do the belly pan and you're ready to go.

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