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After years of pulling the belly pan, I recently bought a pump type oil removal device (about $45 at a local boating supply ... boats have access problems with engines so they often removal oil this way) ... it works on pulling a vacuum and then opening a line that starts sucking the oil out of the crankcase via a hose inserted into the dipstick tube. Very, very easy ... run the engine a few minutes to thin the oil and make it easier to suck out, but not too hot.

Oh yeah, make sure it holds at least 8 quarts ... there are several systems on the market from $20 to $2000 as a function of how much of this you do ... I have found the Topsider to do this very well, at low cost.

Much faster, less mess, already packaged ... you can take it still in the original Topsider can to your local disposal location.

Check out the threads ... use "Topsider" and you will read about it all!
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