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Angry W220 ABC Issues/Problems

My 2002 S55 AMG has been misbehaving in its ABC system for a while now. Problem is that the car leans either towards the driver or passenger side front wheel after it has been parked for 2 to 3 weeks. Sometimes, the lean is so bad that the outside of the wheel well partially obscured the top of the tire. So far, the car always levels itself on the first motion forward. It stays level during drving. This problem was first detected last summer (2002). And, the car has been to the dealer 3 times for this problem. Initially the service department recalibrated the ABC. On the second visit (October 2002), a leak was uncovered at one of the ABC actuators/pumps, and this was replaced. During the last service visit for this problem (mid June this year), one of the front hydrualic shocks was detected to be be leaking down and replaced. However, the problem persists. I just noticed it again last week. Car has been sitting in my garage since then. Dealer is supposedly consulting with MB. But, I haven't heard from them yet.

My concern is that this problem will progressively get worse to the point that the inside of the wheel well actually touches the top of the tire, or the chassis won't level out on the first motion forward. An even more drastic scenario is for the ABC to cause the leaning to one wheel to occur during motion, or some other erratic behavior.

Please advise. Let know any of you, MB techs and owners, has expeienced the same problem or symptoms. Thanks.
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