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Egads. Now you've got me worried. Would you say (MBDOC) that this transmission qualifies as a "class problem"? I have a 98 C230 that shifts pretty well actually. Does it have the same transmission? It has also been my past practice to change transmission fluid regardless of factory claims of a lifetime fill. (Kind of like oil changes and FSS) Anything I can do to anticipate a possible failure that might occur just out of warranty? (arrgghh)

Quick story: A few years ago bought a Chrysler Minivan...and said to myself...surely the power train will work reliably for 50-70K miles, right? This was when you could choose 3/36 bumper to bumper or 7/70 powertrain only...not both. I chose the 3/36, and I bet you can guess when the transmission clutches came apart due to a defective snap ring..(I since realized this is a common occurrence for these), yeah 43K miles. The dealer "graciously" offered to pay half.

I would hate to have to pay for a transmission repair on mine at 60K. I must admit that this would really sour me on MB quality.

Your thoughts???

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