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Am I being taken advantage of? A/C rip-off?

I am afraid to say that I have joined the dreaded club of A/C woes.

I took my 87 300TD in to have the A/C fixed and was told that the push button control (PBC) unit was bad, new Klima relay and leaky hoses, and clutch needed to be reshimmed. Ordered the PBC unit and installed it myself, new Klima relay and had them change the hoses and fix the clutch. Get in to leave and the car has A/C on. Very cold, almost to cold. Then I notice that the A/C is on with the HEATER on. Stop the car and the compressor is engaged under all conditioned. Pulled out the new Klima relay and installed the old one. THings righted themself and thing look good. Turn off the A/C and drive home. Full heat at all times. I diagnose bad PBC unit. Try to get a replacement one but they vendor is out of stock. Send in the return with the Klima and get a full refund. Locate one in Oakland and go pick it up and install it. Everything back to normal except still no A/C. COmpressor is on but no cold air. Make another appointment and send the car back to the original shop. THeir diagnosis is the compressor is shot, most likely a broken shaft since it turns but no cold air. They want $1050 to change out the compressor and reciever dryer.

I am stumped. Is it a coincidence that the compressor failed directly after the clutch shimming and service? They claim that the added pressure from the newly charged system did it in. I am confused by all this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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