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1988 190e low power, erratic cruise, vac. in red

my gas mileage is good, around 27mpg. but very little power, the cruise swings 5/6 mph each way, a/c cuts off on the smallest hill, and the timing is not affected at idle by changing the trim resistor. the timing does advance but at idle vac is around 15 in. hg. i have disconnected the 4 vac lines one at a time and plugged them but vac. stays approx. 15 in. hg. carb cleaner spray around injectors and hoses has no affect. tested idle sw, air flow pot., eha current per previous threads all seems normal. new plugs, air filter, rotor and cap since problem noticed. no change in symptoms. cat. converter has been gone a long time.( not my idea) what am i missing??? thanks, charlie
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