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89 300 E A/C question

Hi Gang! I dont know how many ounces of oil to add to the compressor or what kind to use. My line a/c line burst so i have just changed it out. I took the compressor off, turned it upside down and let it drain for a week. Changed out the drier. Lines all new. I have purchesed Duracool and will give it a shot and report back to the board about how it works. So
1. Do I need to flush the system with some solvents or mineral spirits?? (duracool folks say it works with anything and dont worry)
2. What kind of oil should i add?
3. How many ounces?
4. If I must flush the system with solvent, can i use mineral spirits or should i buy some of the fancy flush stuff?
5. Where do i add the oil or the solvent flush (little funnel down any line?).
6. I assume i take the drier off and solvent flush around it??? In one side and out the other?
7. Where do I attach the evacuation pump? the high side fitting, or the low side fitting?
Thanks in advance,
Capt. J. Alex Whitaker
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