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Excessive rear wheel steering

I am experiencing some excessive rear wheel power steering with my 92 400E, especially when it rains, I almost have to drive very conservatively during turns, I feel rear wheels want to slide out if I want to keep other's pace in the turn, it is no longer stable at highway speed, car also leans in turns.

Tires are Bridgestone RE950, they are almost new, I have 230k kms on my car, the shocks are original, I did the bouncing test, it seemed OK, the ride heights are OK too. The only noticeable problem I have is the passenger side rear tire is showing some camber, it has more wear on the inner side.

I visually check the multi-links, particularly the thrust arms and torque struts, I couldn't find any collapsed bushings, I shaked the tires back and forth, there was no movement.

I am going to replace shocks, but is the test above enough to show all suspension links are fine? it there any other reliable ways to test suspension links?
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