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The Dixon has a 10 horse, vertical shaft B&S. It has about 10 years service, but there is no hour meter. We mow using two mowers.

The Cub Cadet has a 14 horse Onan and runs constant speed with a hydrostatic drive. It has a 38" cut and a deck strong enough to use as a shredder. It is easy and comfortable to drive.

The Dixon is a zero turning radius which steers with two sticks instead of a steering wheel. It has more vibration than the Cub Cadet, but is great for trimming around anything or reaching tight spots.

Mowing is a team effort at my place. We mow about an acre that is mostly obstacle course. One person, usually the wife or in years past, the kids, would drive the Cub Cadet for the open areas while I trimmed with the Dixon. Now it's just the wife and myself that comprise the mowing team.

The Cub Cadet has about 450 hours on it, and we've had the Dixon longer than that. The transmission in the Dixon has four iron cones for the clutch mechanism. It is said that these cones are good for about 300 hours and I just overhauled the transmission including cone replacement.

This all means that the 10HP B&S has over 300 hours and the Onan has about 450 hours, not one of those hours has been done with anything but Delo 15W40 in the crankcase. The Cub Cadet has always used a little oil between changes. It has a full flow lubrication system and a spin on filter. The Dixon uses no oil that I can tell and is changed once a year.

15W40 oil is 15 weight at a very low temperature, but 40 weight at high temperature. We don't make a habit of mowing in the winter. It has served us well, the oil and the mowers.

Have a great day,

PS, as you can tell, you ask me what time it is and I'll tell you how to build a watch. LB
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