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I grabbed the following from this site, there a lot of us that get confused with the different names:

"In all, there are five links in the multilink suspension: torque, thrust, camber, tie rod, and lower control arm. The lower control arm is a wide piece that goes between the subframe and the bottom of the wheel carrier. The camber arm goes between the subframe and the top of the wheel carrier. The tie rod is on the front side - the side in the wheel carrier has a ball joint, the side on the subframe is a bushing. The shorter, thicker link is the torque arm which mounts higher than the longer, thinner thrust arm."


MB Name--------------------------->FastLane name

1. Thrust arm ---------------------> Thrust arm
2. Tie rod -------------------------> Control arm strut
3. Torque strut -------------------> Control Arm Stay
4. Camber strut ------------------> Camber strut
4. Spring Link ---------------------> Sway bar link

Hope this helps,

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