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Larry thanks for the reply maybee you know

Larry thanks for the reply maybee you know what the best oil is for A/C systems and how to get it in there. I assume you dont want oil in the dryer. Also, do you run the compressor while your evacuating to get more circulation or just do it stationary.

BTW the reason i'm trying duracool is for several reasons. First the last time i had r 12 done professionals evacuated the system and installed r 12 it lasted only days. I felt it extremely irresponsable to be venting r 12 into the atmosphere (besides paying $90 to do it). So when i fixed it myself a couple years ago i used 134. It did not cool adaquatly in our 100-110 degree days, especially when its humid. So i'm gunna slap a duracool label everywhere over the old stickers and give it a shot (r12 is not available without taking some tests or something so using it is no longer an option and I cant afford to pay them to vent it again). I understand that duracool can burn, I have weighed it and since my car runs on gasoline and my engine room is open to the enviorment is on the bottom (i understand that these gasses are heavier than air). I would not feel safe running duracool in a boat or aircraft but in a car I feel it a safe risk, I will also post No Smoking stickers on all seats just in case.
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