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ok i took the car to the dealership but they want $250 to do the job. They said its the fuel sender unit, they ran whatever tests they run and came up with that as the solution.

This seems like a job I could do myself though. Heres my main concern, in a W124, 500E, how do you reach the fuel sender? From the pervious post it sounds like you unscrew something from the gas tank through the first aid kit. But in the 500E the first aid kit you'd have to drill through to get to the tank. In the 500E, or W124 in general, is the sender unit near the trunk? If so I have ALOT of audio stuff that needs to be removed to reach it.

Ok...update...I own the W126 cd-manuals because I work on my dads car a lot. So I checked it for where exactly the fuel sender unit is located, and hey what do you know, in the info page they have the W124, W201, and W126 models Sweet. BUT...still a problem....from the diagram it looks like its by the first aid kit...which again is closed off!

Anyone know for sure how I can get to it?

thats what the cd-manual shows (if i'm copy-write infringementing by posting this picture tell me and i'll edit it off)

If i can get to this i'll take some pictures and post a DIY for it.
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