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Hi Haasman

Thanks for your response

Brand of shocks: Front shocks were replaced by my mechanic, he ordered them directly from MB dealership.

Rear shocks I bought myself from MB dealership with my VIN number, so both sets are original MB replacements, but I do not know the names.

TYRES are Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus V97 225 60 16

I have not checked the tire pressures cold, but I can do that 1st thing in the morning to confirm.

My mechanic recommended a car shop that has the equipment to do MB alignment, and that is where I had it done. I have gone back to complain that the steering wheel is still of centre, and I was told to bring it back. I will by the weekend.

Do you know if 300SE uses struts as well as schocks, or could the springs be weak?


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