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Purchased used 82 300 Turbo Diesel in April. Body and interior in exceptional condition, 168K. Has had engine replaced with tested, guaranteed used engine in Feb.00. Noticed that A/C was not very cold this summer, but OK. When A/C compressor switches on, some drag is noticeable on engine. When weather turned cool in Fall, and rotary temp selector was moved to warm setting, it began to blow climate control fuses. Noticed that 25a fuse had been put in place of recommended 16a....not a good indication. Only blows fuse when A/C compressor is on. When connector to compressor is disconnected, fan will blow, sometimes warm, but sometimes only cool air eventhough temp selector remains on warm position??? Wire to A/C compressor shows melted insulation and heat damage at connector point.
Any good advice appreciated. Thanks,
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