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fuel injection problems

My 560 is having a serious problem with rough idel. I dont know if it is the fuel pressuer regulator or fuel pump or both. I have replaced the fuel pump relay and fuel distributor governor. the car would suddenly quit running and the relay fixed that problem, the fuel governor was leaking and the mechanic said I need a new one. I had a fuel pressure test done and the mechanic I have gone to now is still undecided if its the fuel pressure regulator or may be a fuel distributor problem. Has any one else had this many problems, So far I have replaced the convertible top, fuel distributor governor, fuel pump relay, sub frame bushings, a tie rod end, put on new tires and replaced the rear brakes and rotors, a high pressure power stearing hose, wiper blades, distributor cap, distributor rotor, plug wires. I thought I had a great car for about a year and now its killing me. My car has 126000 miles and looks great it will be for sale soon if this keeps up. HELP
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