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Update - getting the car fixed

Hi all,

The latest turn of events is that I have spoken with the mechanic in LA (He is the owner of a quite large MB only repair shop in LA), and he has continuesly assured me that if I bring the car down to him, he will take care of the mechanical issues on the car and he will not charge me for it, but go after the PO. I believe we can get the PO on document fraud.

I have been confused as to what he exactly will do for me so I wrote up the agreement we came to over the phone and faxed him the letter. I asked him to sign it as it would make me feel more confident in spending time and money bringing the car back and forth.

I call him up today to see if he had seen the fax. He was very firm on the phone saying that he did not want to sign the agreement.
He said this is not how they do business and that he has already given me his word. At his place that's good enough. He went on to saying that he took this letter as an insult as he is volunteringly putting his neck out for me.

I have not approached him with the facts that he could have saved me and him for the entire deal if he had looked inside the engine for buildup. (1st thing my mechanic did)
Also the hand brake does not hold the car at all and the rear suspension is dead, which the mechanic up here noticed after 1 min of driving.
The mechanic in LA did notice on the inspection sheet that the car burned oil but prescribed the change of a valve seal. So in effect I have already paid for fixing oil burning as a part of the first $750.
The car smells of gas fumes after startup and he has already changed the fuel actuator.
The car is still hard to start when warm/hot.
The air condition does not get cold enough according to the mechanic up here.

These are all basic issues and for these issues to bypass him on a buyers inspection where he claims he drove the car, it is clear to me that he did a bad job at best. I believe the LA mechanic feels taken as well by the PO so he is very much interested in setting PO straight.

So far I am the only one out of money and it makes me uncomfortable that I am driving to LA with no real binding agreement in place. Given my experience w/ PO I feel like I am about to be taken for a ride again. I come down there and he turns around and basically tells me it will cost me or that he will only do 1 thing out of the 4-5 issues.

Am I totally out of order here? - and what should I expect from the mechanic given what he has said over the phone?

I really do hope he pulls through for me on all the mechanical issues.

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