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Driving w/ A/C on from a stoplight, around 2k rpm, car nearly cut out

Check this out. I was at the stop light, A/C on, radio on but low volume. I Come out of the stop light, making a left turn onto the street. I gas it a bit to 2500-3000rpm, going about 25mph at that point, and the car's power cut out.

Like I would go "Vrooooooommm *no power* Vroooommm *no power*

What's the deal? It did it like 3 times over a period of 20 seconds, and then it stopped.

I'm thinking fuel filter. What do you think?

How often should the fuel filter be changed anyway. I think, though I'm not sure, that i changed it at 92k miles( last july) Car now has 122k miles. (so I put 30k miles in a year).
2003 E55 AMG
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