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E 320 Coupe hard starts

My 1994 E320 Coupe auto euro specs (60kmls) will crank but not start intermittendly. Once it fires it runs normal and nothing can be found wrong. DC changed a connector to the fuel pump but then the problem reoccured. Then the patriot alarm was removed; next the wirering harness (insulation partially gone) was replaced. DC covered part. After reocurrence 3 coils including connectors replaced. Problem persisted. Then DC suggested to replace the ECU (VDO) at my risk. I sendt it to a specialist shop to check it came back as ok. A little late I found this forum. Instead of towing the car back to DC I resoldered all connections on the Siemens OVP relay # 520 52 45. Car works like a far! Even secondary problem went away: when starting up hot the engine would stall when breaking and rolling to a traffic light for about 1 or 2 miles. Then this problem disappeared.

Anybody can tell me if this can be connected????


E 240 2000
E 320 Coupe
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