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I have too much going on right now to even look at my car. But if you have a fuel puddle on the top of the throttle plate, visible when you push down the airflow plate, then I'm thinking that you may have a leak around the plunger seal on the bottom of the fuel distributor. Of course this is what I thought on mine too and replaced it only to find the problem was still there. The difference on mine was that the fuel was puddling under the throttle plate in the manifold. The only sure way to know is to unbolt the distributor, leaving the fuel supply lines connected, pressurize the system and see if you have a leak at the plunger. As far as the EHA goes, only a little fuel will leak from it when it is separated from the distributor. Make sure the gas cap on the tank is loosened to relieve it. And buy a good flare wrench to remove those fuel lines and don't risk rounding the fitting off!
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