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R Easley
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Originally posted by stevebfl:
I don't remember how much time it takes as our best guys probably do it in less than 1.5 hours. I would guess that the book pays 2-3 hours . . .

Good afternoon, Steve --

Gotta respectfully disagree with you on this one. I think that you must be confusing a 103 seal job with the job for another engine.

MB warranty time on this job is 5.5 hours and their times are usually less than aftermarket flat rate guides.

The timing chain cover reseal requires removal of, among other things, the upper top cover (and this also needs to be resealed and a fresh seal for the rotor at this time), the distributor, the belts, water return line, timing chain tensioner, fan clutch, and much more.

I would imagine that a seasoned professional might get the job down to 3 hours or so, but this is a job that I would certainly not want to have rushed if someone were doing it for me.

If anyone goes the DIY route on this job, be extra, extra careful doing this job -- it is not a typical R&R parts-type job. Just as one example, the mounting for the distributor rotor has a deeply-embedded Torx-headed bolt and I could easily see a DIYer either not securely planting the socket in the bolt (and thus, wallowing out the head) or overtightening the bolt upon installation and snapping it.

Richard Easley
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