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Mr. Easley,

If this job pays 5.5 hours, I really do want to line them up down the road. I should be able to retire in a year or two to the Bahamas.

I have never made my living as a tech in my life. I'm a Software Engineer.

I recently had to remove the head from my '88 300E. I put it back on and got everything back together on a Sunday and drove it to work on Monday. It did not seem to have good power. I had marked the chain and cam sprocket and suspected that it was a tooth off.

I rolled it in my shop building on that Monday night and removed the valve cover, dist. cap, rotor, rotor mounting piece(which by the way is an Allen, not torx), the fan clutch/fan,(only because I needed access to the crankshaft to turn the engine). After checking the cam timing and finding that it was indeed off by one tooth, I removed the upper cover, the chain tensioner and moved the cam sprocket one tooth and rechecked. I then replaced the shaft seal in the cover, cleaned the groove for the lower seal, and put everything back together.

I did not keep exact time on this job, but I know that it was no more than three hours, and I think it was closer to two hours. If you were merely resealing the cover, you would NOT have to remove the tensioner, or the fan. The job came out well and does not leak. The key is using the correct sealer that is supplied by MB for this job. It allows you to slide the cover on the bottom seal without moving the seal out of it's groove.

If MB says this is a 5.5 hour job, they MUST be allowing for the replacement of other things, or you are getting this confused with an M104 motor.

I expect that Steve has guys that can do thie in 1.5 hours and check everything else while they're doing it.

If the book says to remove the coolant pipe to remove the front cover, the book is wrong. I removed the vertical allen bolt that bolts down the coolant tube, but that was only so I could get a socket on one of the horizontal bolts that hold on the upper cover.

If the MB book specifies 5.5 hours for this job, I really hope this is not representative of other times that they are specifying. I have never known of their times to be so inflated. If it's 5.5, they need to review it.

Thanks for your comments,

Larry Bible
'01 C Class, Six Speed
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'88 300E 5 Speed
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Over 800,000 miles in
Mercedes automobiles
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