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R Easley
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Good evening, Mr. Bible --

It appears from your response to my post that you are confused. Please go back to my message and you will see that I am referring (along with Steve Brotherton) to a distinctly different procedure than you surmise. See, specifically, this sentence: "The timing chain cover reseal requires removal of, among other things, the upper top cover (and this also needs to be resealed and a fresh seal for the rotor at this time). . ."

You are referring to a top front cover R&R and we are referring to a timing cover R&R -- two very time-different procedures.

Please see my comments interspersed:

Originally posted by LarryBible:

Mr. Easley,
If this job pays 5.5 hours, I really do want to line them up down the road.

The job does indeed pay 5.5 hours. It is Procedure #01-210, not to be confused with Procedure #01-212 (which is what you erroneously think that it is.)


. . . rotor mounting piece(which by the way is an Allen, not torx)

Yes, on mine -- a 1990 -- it is indeed a Torx-headed bolt, though the type of bolt is irrelevant to the discussion.


I did not keep exact time on this job, but I know that it was no more than three hours, and I think it was closer to two hours. If you were merely resealing the cover, you would NOT have to remove the tensioner, or the fan.

Again, you are confusing Procedure #01-210 with Procedure #01-212. A timing cover R&R requires the removal of the tensioner and the fan . . .

And, though Steve Brotherton has not followed up his original post, it is apparent that he is referring to 01-210 also, same as me: note his comment: "although we find a surprising amount of belt tensioner/bearing bracket problems when these are apart", which is indicative of a timing cover R&R, and not simply the top cover). Though the original poster _may_ have meant simply a top cover R&R, Steve and I both assumed the timing cover.

One correction to my original post: in quoting the 5.5 hour time, I was assuming an automatic transmission. I see that your 300E is a 5 speed, so the job is 5.2 hours instead of 5.5 hours for your car . . .

Richard Easley
Waco, Texas
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